Illustrations for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Editorial, Illustration
Cover for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Editorial, Cover, Illustration
Spaces of Resistance
Illustration, Animation, Motion Graphics
Cover Illustration for Neue Narrativ
Editorial Illustration
Cover Illustration for Sensor Mainz
Editorial Illustration
Stylized 3D Character
3d, stylized character, illustration, animation
The Anatomy of Type
Animation, Typography, Motion Graphics
The Doodles
doodles, illustration, set
Getting Vaccinated
Comic- Strip, Editorial, Illustration
Some people never go crazy!
Comic- Strip, Editorial, Illustration
Soner AKTAS - Showreel 2020
Motion Graphics, Animation, Illustration
An Apartment with Friends
Illustration, Graphic Design, Architecture
Less But Better - animated short film
‚Less but better‘ is more than just a rule for better design. This animated short film...
Adobe Young Lerners
Illustration, Animation, Motion Graphics
Adobe Education Exchange Email Illustrations
Inktober 2019
Every October, artists all over the world take on the Inktober drawing challenge...
Adobe animated newsletter
Animation, Illustration, Motion Graphics
DC Charachters-Editorial Illustration
I wanted to draw my favorite DC characters again with my style. And that's the result.
HuR Animation
Illustration, Animation, Motion Graphics
Adobe Creative Government Awards
This is a showreel for adobe creative government awards...
Animated Posters
Animated Posters ◊ Sommer Semester 2018 HS Mainz...
Some 3D
3D, animation, motion graphic
Some Illustrations
illustration, charachter design
Some Comics
ZDF Digital- Daily Works
My previous works at ZDF digital ...
The Alone other Loser (Graphicnovel)
The story is about the winner and the loser. I'll tell Zine that winning is not always good and losing is not always bad...